Retekess TD024 Wireless Calling System Table Card




  • Retekess TD024 table card service pager is compatible with Retekess T128 TD108 watch pager and T114 TD105 screen receiver; you can choose different receiver for the call buttons pager in different situations
  • Acrylic plate, easy to clean; table pager is easy to stand on the table without sticker posted on the table; convenient to clean the table in restaurant when you use this moveable table pager
  • Customer can post their own logo or menu on the table to advertise; just press the call button on pager; service is on the way; can help staff offering the accurate and fast service, no need to yell out or look for customers everywhere
  • Compatible with most Retekess call buttons; note; this table pager can not be used alone; user need to mount call buttons on it and pair receiver before use
  • 500m or 1640ft in open area when you use this pager with T114 call buttons and screen receiver; widely used in cafes; tea house; restaurant; hotel; hospital wards; nursing home; food court; etc


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